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Welcome to dress me babe

Hey Babes! Welcome to my wardrobe opps.. I mean my site. In short, Dress Me Babe will be all about beauty reviews and also fashion petites. ♥

What is dress me babe?

Well Dress Me Babe is a blog founded by yours truly. Inspired by the never ending journey of exploring all the beauty products and fashion from head to toe. ♥

Who am I?

I am just a petite girl next door that is passionated with beauty and fashion. Every girl loves that , I mean who don’t love beauty or fashion?

WHAT can i get from this blog?

We are constantly being bombarded by loads of skin care, make ups, hair care, body care and of course fashion is part of our everyday life. (We all need to have the right skin, hair and outfit to be photo ready!)

Of course as much as we love so, we simply are not able buy all the beauty products or buy all the clothes in the whole world.  And here come the great part, I will be sharing information on the latest fashion trends and also all sorts of beauty products. I will be your guinea pig the person to test out all the products and you don’t have to spend a cents on that!


WHAT makes dress me babe different?

I love to read reviews and blogs very much as well, but sadly I kept came across reviews that are either solely about luxury brands or they are simply paid post. These are not the type of contents we are looking for =(

Well from here Dress Me Babe, I will be blogging about all range of brands from budget to luxury from my perspective. You can also log request for me to review on any brand that you would like to explore more, doesn’t matter it is a local brand or international brand. Really just about Any Brand! I am more than happy to do so and we help each other to explore more beauty stuffs along the way.😄

Will be sharing my products review soon, so stay tuned to Dress Me Babe .


Ann Sze.


A petite girl filled with passion for fashion & beauty. Express and share personal views through blogging.

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