Every woman has hair problems, be it their brows, hairs on hands, legs, underarms, and even pubic hair. It is a hassle to deal with excessive hair, monthly expenses are required to remove this unwanted hair or you could save by DIY at home. Trust that most women are familiar with Veet, given the fact that it is the leading hair removal brand in Malaysia. My first DIY hair removal experience was with Veet, they have wax strips and cream to help conveniently remove hair.

Veet Sensitive Touch Workshop Malaysia
Veet Sensitive Touch Workshop Malaysia

Veet Sensitive Touch Malaysia Workshop

This year Veet launched its new innovation named-Veet Sensitive Touch and I was invited to attend the Veet Sensitive Touch Malaysia Workshop.

What is Veet Sensitive Touch?

Veet Sensitive Touch Workshop Malaysia
Veet Sensitive Touch

Veet Sensitive Touch is a new device that helps to trim or remove hair on your body parts, such as eyebrows, underarms and bikini lines. I know how ladies can be traumatic about trimming your own hair with a razor with fear of cutting yourselves. Fear no more, Veet Sensitive Touch cutting blades are specially designed NEVER touch your skin during usage.

Veet Sensitive Touch Workshop Malaysia
Trying the Veet Sensitive Touch

The size of the gadget is the same as an electric toothbrush, with various detachable heads to facilitate accurate and gentle hair trimming at sensitive body parts. At the workshop, we get to test try to Veet Sensitive Touch.

Veet Sensitive Touch Workshop Malaysia
Testing the device
Veet Sensitive Touch Workshop Malaysia
Trying out the device
Veet Sensitive Touch Workshop Malaysia
SteveSunny- Celebrity MakeUp Artist

Stevesunny, Celebrity Makeup artist demonstrated 3 different styles of eyebrows- Rock, Korean and Bohemian by using Veet Sensitive Touch and adding some makeup on. (I fancy the Korean eyebrow the most!) Even Amber Chia, Malaysia Supermodel, and Actress love using this as she emphasizes it is convenient, quick and pain-free!

How to use Veet Sensitive Touch? (see video below)

Veet Sensitive Touch Workshop MalaysiaEach Veet Sensitive Touch comes with one beauty styler, one two sided precision head for optimal eyebrow shaping, one bikini trimming head, one comb attachments, one styler cap, one cleaning brush and one beauty pouch. The gadget runs on AA battery, which is included in the packagin as well. How convenient!♥ All of that for just RM 119.00, available at major pharmacies nationwide and online too. If you want to know more about Veet Sensitive Touch, just click on it. Happy Hair- Free Ladies♥


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  1. This is a very nifty hair removal tool. But I dare not use it on my brow. I only use it on hair that can be covered by clothes. No confidence. HAHAHA

  2. That’s a really small and portable device that can be brought even overseas! Looks really easy to use too

  3. i think it’s good tool for me to get rid of the annoying hair. lol. thanks for recommending.

  4. This is a great product that I should have. Hopefully I can use it to shave my eyebrow nicely.

  5. Annszebaby Reply

    Ya ladies, I’ve tried it and it is really easy to use and it doesn’t cut your skin =D

  6. Looks to be a great tool and is certainly quite promising as well. Will check it out.

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