Hello Babes~so tell me one thing that you will not miss when you are watching a movie either in a cinema or at home? For me, that would be POPCORN! The common Popcorn is the caramel flavor but now there are variety flavors of Popcorn, such as salty popcorn, cheese, chicken, wasabi and more that I might not know of.

Just a few days ago I’ve received Magi Planet Popcorn for my review. They come in 4 convenient pack and 4 big pack with 4 flavors! Thanks to Magi Planet for sending these!

Magi Planet Popcorn
Crystal Salted Caramel

The packaging is resealable bags so no worries for a small eater like me, we can seal and eat whenever we like! First up, I will test the Crystal Salted Caramel. It has a light sweet taste that works just fine and Magic Planet Popcorn has no added preservatives so you can enjoy your snacks guilty free!

Corn Soup Flavor

Next up is their signature Corn Soup Popcorn, once the package was open you can smell the tasty corn with some black pepper and I am so in love with this once I eat it.

Takoyaki Flavor

The Takoyaki flavor Popcorn, I am really amazed by this. It really feels like you are eating the real Takoyaki!

Chili Cheese Flavor

Finally the Cheese Chili flavor, my second favorite! The cheesy taste with sprinkle of chilis taste just great together♥

Magi Planet Popcorn arrive just in time for me to add into the CNY snacks table! Perfect for guest who is looking for special treats =] If you are interested in buying head on to this website HERE. Especially for my readers, just use my Promo Code: ANNLOVEPOPCORN to get RM 10 discount off


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    • Annszebaby Reply

      To my surprise it doesn’t taste weird😊 Feel like u are eating the Takoyaki itself

    • Annszebaby Reply

      You and I share the taste bud👍🏻 I love both choice too!

    • Annszebaby Reply

      The crystal caramel is not too sweet, I think You will like it😊

  1. Pop corns are also what I go for when watching a movie at a cinema. For movie time at home, it would be some other snacks!

    • Annszebaby Reply

      Popcorn and movie are always perfect match 😊

  2. The salty flavours sound funky, but I’d like to try them. Something different from the traditional caramel flavoured ones 🙂

  3. Planet popcorn offers varities of popcorn. Love the salted caramel and it taste nice.

  4. The pop corns flavours are something that I never try before. Sounds delicious and will get some to try it out.

  5. I love all of them! Can’t really choose which one is my favorite =D Love your sharing babe!

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