Hey Babes! Super excited to introduce the new brand I’ve discovered, Japan No.1 SkinCare-Cure. Cure is known as No.1 skin care brand in Japan, famous for their exfoliator name as Cure Natural Aqua Gel. To be honest, I only came upon to know this brand because I attended Cure Media Launch. >.< Well some might find this old news (especially in Japan), it is reported as Japan No. 1 Exfoliator. For some that are new to this brand, no worries you’re not alone and this post is dedicated to you. ♥

Japan No.1 Skincare-cure [Exfoliator]

Cure Nature Aqua Gel

Cure Natural Aqua Gel ♥

Being extremely curious about the brand, I’ve googled Cure online to get a better understanding. The craziest fact is Cure claims that one bottle is sold ever 12 seconds in Japan, I’m like WHAT no way and why have I not heard of this before. Unlike other exfoliators in the market, that exfoliates your skin with microbeads this Nature Aqua Gel is something different. The company and beauty bloggers that review the Cure Natural Aqua Gel claims that by using it, you could feel and see the skin peeling off. Again..skin peeling off? That’s news to me. This product is also popular because it is alcohol, preservatives, color, and fragrance-free. (I’m loving Cure already!) Most importantly, Cure has won multiple beauty awards by relying on word of mouth advertising since 2009.

Natural Aqua Gel Samples

Now fairly impressed with what I’ve seen on google, it is time to test it out.

Few drops of Natural Aqua Gel
Massage for a few seconds, you can see your skin gently peeling off. (No microbeads at all!)

However, Cure media launch that I attended was about its new product- Cure Water Treatment.


Cure Water Treatment

Cure’s launch was held at Empire Damansara Tours Les Jours, a thorough introduction about this new baby product was given by the brand person in charge. (from Korea!)

Speaker for Cure

10 years ago, Cure Water Treatment was just a “thank-you gift” to Cure’s loyal fans but with the high demands from customers, it has now become the company official product launched in December 2015. Cure Water Treatment was introduced as a skin cream with microencapsulated hydrogen water which combines the properties of toner and emulsion together.

Testing Cure Water Treatment

We had the chance to test the Cure Water Treatment, the texture sure doesn’t feel like a cream, instead, it was gel-like and the color looks milky. Once I apply and massage the cream, it becomes water with a cooling sensation. Normal skin care uses oil forms on the skin surface to retain moisture, this way skin will oxidize and cause the skin to age. As for Cure Water Treatment, it contains 75% of activated hydrogen water, color free, no fragrance, mineral oil free, and oil free to avoid the oxidization of the skin. It is gentle to your skin and you won’t feel sticky after application. (Trust me I’ve tried!)

Now the important question comes- How much is it and where can I buy this? Well, the Cure Water Treatment is around RM169 and it is available in Sasa so go and grab it! Christmas is just around the corner fret not, this will be a great idea as a Christmas gift♥

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