I’ve not been sharing any post lately mainly because I’m having an issue with my Samsung NX 3300. The wifi was not functioning therefore, I was not able to transfer images. I’ve had this camera for almost 1 and a half year and brought it back to the shop for warranty repair. Sadly Samsung Malaysia stopped camera production, so they don’t have the spare part to fix my camera. The seller offered me a reasonable amount for me to buy another camera and I started researching online for the camera I’ve heard great things about- the Canon G7X Mark ii.

I have to say I did a lot of research from reading articles and gone through a lot of Youtube review videos on the Canon G7X Mark ii before I decide to make the purchase. The very common things that I came across about this camera are “Best Vlogging Camera”, “Best Compact Camera” and even “2017 Best Camera”.

2017 Best Camera- Canon G7X Mark ii

Canon G7x Mark ii

I won’t be sharing things that are too technical or go too deep about the specification because I don’t usually shoot in manual. Just my honest review about the Canon G7X Mark ii, judging from the way I would make use of it and I’ll start with the packaging itself.

Comes with camera, wrist strap, charger, battery, and manual.

I bought my camera at Fotokem One Utama, just in case you are wondering. With the price of RM2,480, it comes with a Camera, one battery, charger and a string holder. Do take note that it does not come with SD card or memory card, and it is better to get a 64 GB because of the high-resolution image at averagely 6 Mb per image. Need no to say if you love to take videos, it will use up more storage.

Canon G7X Mark ii

There’s different mode for you to use if you are a manual user, I often keep it at auto whenever I shoot. The good thing about it is the dial around the mode allow you to adjust the aperture. [Aperture is basically the brightness setting]

Canon G7X Mark ii
Canon G7X Mark ii screen on

The best thing that I love about Canon G7X Mark ii is the touch screen feature and you can flip all the way up or 45 degrees downwards.

Screen tilt 180 degree upwards or 45 degree downwards (Image credits to AskLens)

The 45-degree tilt screen allows you to take flat lay photos and high angle photo conveniently while being able to look at the screen. Besides, it has a built-in pop-up flash and most importantly no extra lens cap. That is really convenient for most people because we often misplace our lens cover. [and we don’t want to spend $$ just to buy a lens cover]  

Test shoot footages

Actual Product shoot
Coffee Shot
Test shot
Test shot

The images quality are amazing really and it is especially good for a Low light condition with great stability. I’ll share a review through Youtube video to show the Canon G7X Mark ii, low light and stability performance. [Stay tuned!]

Overall I love the Canon G7X Mark ii performance and very satisfy with it. Show some ♥ if you like what you see!