I’ve not been sharing any post lately mainly because I’m having an issue with my Samsung NX 3300. The wifi was not functioning therefore, I was not able to transfer images. I’ve had this camera for almost 1 and a half year and brought it back to the shop for warranty repair. Sadly Samsung Malaysia stopped camera production, so they don’t have the spare part to fix my camera. The seller offered me a reasonable amount for me to buy another camera and I started researching online for the camera I’ve heard great things about- the Canon G7X Mark ii.

I have to say I did a lot of research from reading articles and gone through a lot of Youtube review videos on the Canon G7X Mark ii before I decide to make the purchase. The very common things that I came across about this camera are “Best Vlogging Camera”, “Best Compact Camera” and even “2017 Best Camera”.

2017 Best Camera- Canon G7X Mark ii

Canon G7x Mark ii

I won’t be sharing things that are too technical or go too deep about the specification because I don’t usually shoot in manual. Just my honest review about the Canon G7X Mark ii, judging from the way I would make use of it and I’ll start with the packaging itself.

Comes with camera, wrist strap, charger, battery, and manual.

I bought my camera at Fotokem One Utama, just in case you are wondering. With the price of RM2,480, it comes with a Camera, one battery, charger and a string holder. Do take note that it does not come with SD card or memory card, and it is better to get a 64 GB because of the high-resolution image at averagely 6 Mb per image. Need no to say if you love to take videos, it will use up more storage.

Canon G7X Mark ii

There’s different mode for you to use if you are a manual user, I often keep it at auto whenever I shoot. The good thing about it is the dial around the mode allow you to adjust the aperture. [Aperture is basically the brightness setting]

Canon G7X Mark ii
Canon G7X Mark ii screen on

The best thing that I love about Canon G7X Mark ii is the touch screen feature and you can flip all the way up or 45 degrees downwards.

Screen tilt 180 degree upwards or 45 degree downwards (Image credits to AskLens)

The 45-degree tilt screen allows you to take flat lay photos and high angle photo conveniently while being able to look at the screen. Besides, it has a built-in pop-up flash and most importantly no extra lens cap. That is really convenient for most people because we often misplace our lens cover. [and we don’t want to spend $$ just to buy a lens cover]  

Test shoot footages

Actual Product shoot
Coffee Shot
Test shot
Test shot

The images quality are amazing really and it is especially good for a Low light condition with great stability. I’ll share a review through Youtube video to show the Canon G7X Mark ii, low light and stability performance. [Stay tuned!]

Overall I love the Canon G7X Mark ii performance and very satisfy with it. Show some ♥ if you like what you see!

Trust that many of beauty fanatic heard of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment or a.k.a Vampire Therapy. Kim Kardashian posted a picture of her after the Vampire Therapy and it just went viral overnight! (Power of KIM KIM😯) As a beauty fanatic myself, I was tempted to try the PRP treatment ever since I heard about its existence.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

Platelet Rich Plasma is a therapy where blood are drawn from your body and then blood are placed in a machine. The machine helps to separate the blood cells, platelets and serum. The platelets will be reinjected to the face area the required treatment. The platelets help the body to repair itself by releasing growth factors, stimulating the skin cells to generate new tissue, in addition to improving skin tone as well as the rate of collagen production. This helps the skin grow back healthily, appearing more vibrant and plump.

I will be sharing my PRP treatment at Premier Clinic for the benefit of all beauty fanatics out there☺️

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Malaysia│Premier Clinic

Premier Clinic

About Premier Clinic

Just to let all you beauties some background about Premier Clinic. Premier Clinic is one of Malaysia’s leading aesthetic clinic. I went to their TTDI branch for my PRP treatment but they have another branch in Bangsar and Puchong. Either you need a simple service or a long complicated treatment, they have a team of full trained professionals that ensure you receive the best aesthetic care. (They got you covered from head to toe!)

Premier Clinic Interior
Premier Clinic Products display
Consultation with Dr.Zya (Dr. Nazihah Nazim Boyer)

Before the treatment, I went through with Dr. Zya (Dr. Nazihah Nazim Boyer) in regards to the area of my face that I have concerns. My biggest concern were my dark circles, the tiny little bumps on my nose area and cheeks. Dr. Zya (Dr. Nazihah Nazim Boyer) explained the process of Platelet Rich Plasma treatment in detail and ensure I’m clear about the treatment.

Before (Dark Circles)

From the picture above you can see my dark circles and the little bumps that were my biggest concern.

Dr. Zya (Dr. Nazihah Nazim Boyer) took an amount of blood from me to extract the platelet, there was almost no pain during the process.

Applied numb cream

After the consultation, the beauty assistant cleanses my face and applied the numb cream. I waited around 30 minutes, the beauty assistant wipe off the numb cream.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment

Dr. Zya (Dr. Nazihah Nazim Boyer) started off with my dark circles and then move on my cheeks, she kept me distracted from my needle fear by talking to me.

Platelet Rich Plasma
Platelet Rich Plasma

Overall the pain during the platelet injection was minimal and bearable, all thanks to Dr.Zya (Dr. Nazihah Nazim Boyer) skills.

A picture with Lovely Dr. Zya

If you enlarge the photo you can see my face were with red dots and some little bruises because I have thin skin. The red dots and bruises were normal, I could cover with makeup and go to work right after the treatment. No down time at all! (How convenient!)

2nd Day. The bruises are still there but can be concealed with makeup


1 week after, bruises fading
After 2 weeks!

My skin was glow and smooth, I can see the positive result of my dark circles and smoother skin. I think PRP is totally worth a go, especially it came from your own platelet and not those fillers or botox. I do think that ladies you can take up this Platelet Rich Plasma treatment to take care of your skin. Would like to thank Dr. Zya (Dr. Nazihah Nazim Boyer) for making me beautiful♥


Ann Sze♥

Hey Babes! Just in case you don’t know yet, XiaoMi REDMI 4A are now available in Malaysia. I was invited to its official launch co-organized by Xiao Mi x Lazada x Involve Asia. At the launch, XiaoMi showcased their Bluetooth speaker, power bank, Mi Band and most importantly the REDMI 4A.

XiaoMi REDMI 4A launches in Malaysia


XiaoMi’s Commercial Manager- Mr. Arjun Batra kick starts the event by introducing the REDMI 4A. The REDMI 4A was designed at 5” HD display; they call this the CLASSIC Hand Feel for everyone. (Not too small and not too big, just the right size for your hand) This smartphone is powered by 3,120mAh battery, being able to last up to 7 Days on standby mode. I was impressed with the 131.5g ultra-lightweight and its 8.5mm compact body.


With REDMI 4A, you are able to own 2 profiles in one phone just by using a different passcode. Confused? Well think of it as a laptop, you can actually have two accounts. There is one for your own private account and the other guest account for public access. In this case, you can have it on your phone, that’s perfect for you to separate your work life and your private life.


Running on MIUI 8, XiaoMi claims it is a user-friendly operating system and includes some functions that help people to be more effective and efficient in our daily life. Besides, with its 13MP camera, you will never miss a picture perfect moment. That includes take scrolling screenshots, calculate currency conversions, and create dual app login. Best of all, Dual SIM slot can either support 2 SIM card or you can add a microSD card up to the 128GB memory.

Picture by XiaoMi REDMI 4A
Picture by XiaoMi REDMI 4A
REDMI 4A Specifications

Seeing all these amazing things that can be done by REDMI 4A, I bet you are curious about the price. REDMI 4A will only cost you RM 459, with the color choice of Gold and Rose Gold. It is already selling in Malaysia starting January 2017 at 200 stores across Malaysia. For online purchases, original sets will only be available in Lazada, where this will include official warranty by Mi Malaysia.

XiaoMi REDMI 4A Rose Gold & Gold


Ann Sze♥

Every woman has hair problems, be it their brows, hairs on hands, legs, underarms, and even pubic hair. It is a hassle to deal with excessive hair, monthly expenses are required to remove this unwanted hair or you could save by DIY at home. Trust that most women are familiar with Veet, given the fact that it is the leading hair removal brand in Malaysia. My first DIY hair removal experience was with Veet, they have wax strips and cream to help conveniently remove hair.

Veet Sensitive Touch Workshop Malaysia
Veet Sensitive Touch Workshop Malaysia

Veet Sensitive Touch Malaysia Workshop

This year Veet launched its new innovation named-Veet Sensitive Touch and I was invited to attend the Veet Sensitive Touch Malaysia Workshop.

What is Veet Sensitive Touch?

Veet Sensitive Touch Workshop Malaysia
Veet Sensitive Touch

Veet Sensitive Touch is a new device that helps to trim or remove hair on your body parts, such as eyebrows, underarms and bikini lines. I know how ladies can be traumatic about trimming your own hair with a razor with fear of cutting yourselves. Fear no more, Veet Sensitive Touch cutting blades are specially designed NEVER touch your skin during usage.

Veet Sensitive Touch Workshop Malaysia
Trying the Veet Sensitive Touch

The size of the gadget is the same as an electric toothbrush, with various detachable heads to facilitate accurate and gentle hair trimming at sensitive body parts. At the workshop, we get to test try to Veet Sensitive Touch.

Veet Sensitive Touch Workshop Malaysia
Testing the device
Veet Sensitive Touch Workshop Malaysia
Trying out the device
Veet Sensitive Touch Workshop Malaysia
SteveSunny- Celebrity MakeUp Artist

Stevesunny, Celebrity Makeup artist demonstrated 3 different styles of eyebrows- Rock, Korean and Bohemian by using Veet Sensitive Touch and adding some makeup on. (I fancy the Korean eyebrow the most!) Even Amber Chia, Malaysia Supermodel, and Actress love using this as she emphasizes it is convenient, quick and pain-free!

How to use Veet Sensitive Touch? (see video below)

Veet Sensitive Touch Workshop MalaysiaEach Veet Sensitive Touch comes with one beauty styler, one two sided precision head for optimal eyebrow shaping, one bikini trimming head, one comb attachments, one styler cap, one cleaning brush and one beauty pouch. The gadget runs on AA battery, which is included in the packagin as well. How convenient!♥ All of that for just RM 119.00, available at major pharmacies nationwide and online too. If you want to know more about Veet Sensitive Touch, just click on it. Happy Hair- Free Ladies♥


Ann Sze♥

Hey Babes! I’m obsessed with the scent of Rose and if you are the same as I am, you need to know about ARWIN Damascena Rose Whitening Cleansing Mousse.

ARWIN Damascena Rose Whitening Cleansing Mousse Malaysia

The very 1st thing that I love about this product is its Rose scent, but it also whitens and nourishes your skin. The creamy foam works well by washing the face and it is filled with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B12 to supply vitamin and nutrition to our skin. (Vitamin B12 is the key to healthy skin!) Do check out their Facebook page.

Arwin Damascena Rose Whitening Cleansing Mousse
Arwin Damascena Rose Whitening Cleansing Mousse
Arwin Damascena Rose Whitening Cleansing Mousse
Arwin Damascena Rose Whitening Cleansing Mousse

This is basically how it looks like and the bottom indicates the ingredients used, so you can be assured that it is safe for you. It is a Taiwan brand so the description are in Mandarin.

Arwin Damascena Rose Whitening Cleansing Mousse
Arwin Damascena Rose Whitening Cleansing Mousse

I do think that foam and mousse are better for your skin since it cleanses your skin softly. As for this rose foam, it works well to remove your makeup and cleanses your skin.

In case you are wondering, you can buy ARWIN/BIOCHEM products from their  Store here and the  ARWIN Damascena Rose Whitening Cleansing Mousse here at RM 66.24 only (Normal Price- RM 93.90)♥



Ann Sze♥

Hey Babes♥ I’m so excited to share with all of you that I’ve witnessed the signing ceremony of HWL Jewellery Sdn. Bhd and Swarovski Zirconia, working together to come up with precious jewelry brand named C88 Premier Eternal Sparkles. 

Swarovski Zirconia

What exactly is SZirconia?

Swarovski stated on their site, the tag “made with Swarovski Zirconia” Indicates that the product contains 100% Zirconia that is precision cut and polished by Swarovski.

What makes it so special?

Zirconia is a created stone and it is a perfect simulated diamond in the world. Made exclusively in Austria, the finest raw materials are first carefully sourced, before being cut and polished to perfection by our qualified technicians. The material has a good harness and ranks 8.5 on the Mohs scale. (FYI- Diamond ranks 10, while Crystal ranks 6) They are ideal for everyday use, high resistance to daily wear and tear, and Zirconia is not glued but always set- like diamonds.

Wonder how does the Swarovski Zirconia C88 Premier Jewelry looks like? Let me show you a sneak peek of the jewelry that was showcased.

Swarovski Zirconia by C88
Swarovski Zirconia by C88

Isn’t it beautiful? I met Lina, the Swarovski’s Regional Business Development Manager for Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and we had a lovely conversation on the Zirconia gemstone. She showed me this wonderful ring made with Zirconia.

Swarovski Zirconia_Fancy Purple
Swarovski Zirconia_Fancy Purple

Simply love this Fancy purple Zirconia ring ♥ and wish I have one. The C88 Premier with gold is stunning as well!

C88 Swarovski Zirconia Gold
C88 Swarovski Zirconia Gold
C88 made with Swarovski Zirconia
C88 made with Swarovski Zirconia
Director of HWL & Swarovski
Director of HWL & Swarovski (2nd & 3rd from left)

HWL Jewellery Background

A brief story on HWL background- they were founded in yer 1985 and was known as Hup Weng Lee Trading Company carrying brand CAP88. HWL changed and registered as a private limited company in the year 1997. Now they announce their collaboration with Swarovski, using the Zirconia and we have the C88 Premiers.

Other than using the Swarovski Zirconia, the C88 Premier’s unique selling point are their:

  • Strict quality control- given that they are a wholly owned jewelry production plant
  • Diamond standard quality stone craftsmanship
  • Their constant investment on machinery and technology
  • Exceptional after sales service

If you are loving this amazing C88 Premier’s jewelry as I do, buy now!! I mean check out more pieces of jewelry that are available on their site C88 Premier’s- Eternal Sparkles. (simply because…Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!)


Ann Sze♥

Thanks, HWL & Swarovski for the beautiful pen and having me for the event.♥

Swarovski Zirconia Pen_C88

Hey babes! I’ve been seeing a lot of this Taiwan brand called Swissvita online (like seriously many influencers have tried and gave good comments), categorizes as aesthetic medicine cosmetic.

Basically, Swissvita in general are known for its:

  1. Aluminum sealed package– prevents the risk of contamination by external pressure
  2. Key ingredient AC-11 that helps to repair our DNA
  3. Paraben-free, Alcohol-free, and Fragrance-free

I was given 3 types of Swissvita serum, there are Swissvita Mandelic Acid Perfect Ratio Complex Serum, Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Whitening Serum and Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Anti-Spot Serum.

Swissvita Mandelic Acid Perfect Ratio Complex SERUM

Swissvita Mandelic Acid Perfect Ratio Complex Serum
Swissvita Mandelic Acid Perfect Ratio Complex Serum

I heard about this Mandelic Acid first hand from Swissvita, and it is good to skin that are oily with enlarge pore. Swissvita Mandelic Acid are good to remove dead skin as well, given that it is made of almond acid, apple acid and lemon acid. The usual sequence of skin care are cleansing, toner, essence and then serum. However it is slightly different for this Mandalic Acid serum, you will need to apply right after cleansing (before toner) and only use for 2 -3 times a week.

Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Whitening Serum

This Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Whitening Serum have won Watson’s Beauty Award as the best seller for whitening & oil control serum in Taiwan. The benefits of this serum is to balance out uneven skin tone and whiten the skin using the highly concentrate whitening serum with intense hydration.

The last serum is the

Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Anti-Spot Serum

Swissvita Micrite 3D All use Anti-Spot Serum
Swissvita Micrite 3D All use Anti-Spot Serum

This Swissvita Micrite 3D All use Anti-Spot Serum have won the Oscar beauty award for whitening and spot reducing and also rated 5 star review on Amazon. (out of stock within 2 weeks on Amazon!)

I’ve tried out all the serum and I find that the Mandelic Acid is quite effective, anti spot and whitening serum is non greasy. Swissvita Mandelic Acid Perfect Ratio Complex Serum does help me to reduce my face oil. As for the whitening serum it does help to even up my skin tone!

If you like to buy any of this 3 serum, do click here and use my PROMO CODE : ANNSZELOVESWISSVITA for RM50 discount (with purchase up to RM 350 & above)


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Hey babes~did you have a great Chinese New Year? I believe most have started to get back to their work (along with the post CNY syndrome >.<) Hands up if you ate drink and gamble like a monster for the past few days and feeling guilty as ever right now. (ME ME ME!) With all those heavy & fattening biscuits & dry meat especially soft drinks, you probably gain some weight and facing skin conditions.

Being so pampered with all those good foods, it is time to work on your body and skin ladies. We wouldn’t want to have oily skin and pimple all over our face, facial and body slimming treatment come to our rescue. Gladly before Chinese New Year, I was invited to enjoy facial treatment and body slimming by Glow & Glamour.

Cleartonic Facial Treatment

Cleartonic Facial Treatment

The benefits of Cleartonic Facial Treatment are:

  • It deeply cleans the skin and inside the pore
  • Remove fine lines, reduce appearance of wrinkles
  • Hasten elastin and collagen production
  • Rapids the metabolic process into the skin cells

Glow & Glamour uses 5 types of the ampoule, there are:

  1. Purifying
  2. Collagen
  3. Lifting
  4. Soothing
  5. Vitamin C

The beauty consultant will use the type that your skin needs, for me I experience the soothing ampoule. The facial treatment process took about 1 hour and 40 minutes and my face was moisturise and refresh right after. Next up moving to their body slimming session.

Sleeping Beauty Fat-Loss Program

Sleeping Beauty

So, what exactly is this Sleeping Beauty fat loss program? Exactly like the name, you will just need to sleep in the machine for about 45 minutes and once you are out you lose weight.

Sleeping Beauty Fat Loss Program is a combination of Western & Oriental contemporary healing technology from Germany. It uses 8 different sense Z therapies to create unbelievable results- it releases our body compact fats & trimming the inches in just one sleep. Thie sleeping beauty is highly recommended for excessive fat, sagging or dull skin, bulging tummy, hormonal imbalance, eating disorders, experiencing pain and tension in the muscle, insufficient or poor sleep quality and bugged by constant fatigue.

To wrap it up, the benefits are:

  • Instant loss results up to 20cm+3200 calories after one sleep session
  • Enhance weight loss
  • Fat loss and defy stubborn fat, stimulate lymphatic system and dissolve toxins
  • Improves body shape, lower cholesterol level, improve cardiovascular health, stress relief to promote healing and relaxation
  • Alleviate menstrual pain and discomfort, beautifying skin and mitigate muscle ache and improve emotional well-being

The beauty consultant will help apply fat burning cream and then wrap your whole body before sending you into the machine. Take note that people with claustrophobia, thyroid and pregnant are not suitable for this treatment.

Glam & Glamour are trustable as they have been around for 18 years with 6 outlets. If you are looking for facial or body slimming treatment, do head to one of their branches =]


Ann Sze♥

Hey Guys! I’m excited to share about GT Group Grand Launch in Malaysia. Y.B. Datuk Mas Ermieyati Binti Samsudin, Deputy Minister of Tourism and Culture debuted the launch of e-commerce giant, GT Dollar Malaysia. The event was witnessed by distinguished government officials as well as 3,000 prominent IT and e-commerce industry leaders who support the development of a dynamic FinTech ecosystem, paving way for SMART innovations like GT Dollar, making Malaysia a force to reckon with the FinTech sector.

About GT Group Grand launch

GT Group of companies, a Singapore homegrown group specialize in innovative solutions in the IT and e-commerce sector that were founded in 2014 by Dr. Paul Zhang- Chairman and CEO of GT Group. GT Group headquarter in Singapore and several regional offices across the world business compose of GT Dollar, GT Robot, GT Mobile, GT Telecom, GT asset Management, GT Insurance and GT Payment.

GT Group Business

During the launch, GT Group unveils an all new improvised major update of GT Dollar application- the world’s first social mobile e-commerce software. The new enhance key features include the adoption of SMART technologies which comprises of AR technology to implement “the seek honey feature” and “catch a bee to earn GT Cash features”. These points and cash earned can be used for purchases within the interactive marketplace as well as being an effective Bee Commerce tool to help users manage their finances effectively by enjoying exclusive long-term savings, emerging as Malaysia’s trendsetter in the world of e-commerce.

This application aims to embrace technology, thus contributing towards the economic growth of the country. A comprehensive platform for both consumers and merchants, encouraging cash-free transactions around the world. With zero registrations, subscription and advertising fees, merchants need to purchase GT Dollar (Virtual Currency) and distribute it to their users anytime, anywhere. This will in turn form into e-promotion or e-advertising with minimal charges. The Online Payment Gateway will be used to accept payment online – E-wallet / Visa (Credit, Debit, Prepaid) / MasterCard (Credit. Debit, Prepaid) / CUP Card (Credit, Debit, Prepaid) / Direct Debit Account to perform transaction charges.

Other than GT Dollar and GT Mobile, we were presented and amazed with their GT Robot- GT Wonderboy.

GT Wonderboy with the model

GT Wonder Boy are Singapore’s envisioned future of SMART companion. A social bot with human-like functionalities, paired with emotional intelligence and wisdom.

Functions include:

  • E-commerce
  • E-wallet
  • E-map
  • Video Conference
  • Internet call
  • Extensive Search Options
  • Virtual Credit Clearance
  • Translator
  • Order Management

I  was totally amazed by the high-tech innovations created by GT Group, and we shall look forward to more creations ahead of us! Lastly, enjoy a short video of the launch.



Ann Sze.


Hello Babes~so tell me one thing that you will not miss when you are watching a movie either in a cinema or at home? For me, that would be POPCORN! The common Popcorn is the caramel flavor but now there are variety flavors of Popcorn, such as salty popcorn, cheese, chicken, wasabi and more that I might not know of.

Just a few days ago I’ve received Magi Planet Popcorn for my review. They come in 4 convenient pack and 4 big pack with 4 flavors! Thanks to Magi Planet for sending these!

Magi Planet Popcorn
Crystal Salted Caramel

The packaging is resealable bags so no worries for a small eater like me, we can seal and eat whenever we like! First up, I will test the Crystal Salted Caramel. It has a light sweet taste that works just fine and Magic Planet Popcorn has no added preservatives so you can enjoy your snacks guilty free!

Corn Soup Flavor

Next up is their signature Corn Soup Popcorn, once the package was open you can smell the tasty corn with some black pepper and I am so in love with this once I eat it.

Takoyaki Flavor

The Takoyaki flavor Popcorn, I am really amazed by this. It really feels like you are eating the real Takoyaki!

Chili Cheese Flavor

Finally the Cheese Chili flavor, my second favorite! The cheesy taste with sprinkle of chilis taste just great together♥

Magi Planet Popcorn arrive just in time for me to add into the CNY snacks table! Perfect for guest who is looking for special treats =] If you are interested in buying head on to this website HERE. Especially for my readers, just use my Promo Code: ANNLOVEPOPCORN to get RM 10 discount off


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