Hello Babes! I will be sharing my reviews on the 2016 Top Foam Cleanser in Japan. This 2 brands that I’m about to share are the most discussed foam cleanser Brand this year.

2016 Top Foam Cleanser in Japan


1. Shiseido senka perfect white clay

The highlight about this cleanser is definitely its headline of every post or ads that goes No. 1 Foam Cleanser in Japan!”. The first thing that captured my attention was their brand ambassador- Rainie Yang [Taiwan singer/actor] advertised on Facebook. The commercial portrayed Rainie where she sink her face into a perfect dense foam- which gives me a super satisfied feeling [OMG I must get this]. Not forget to mention this cleanser is by Shiseido and given my confident to the brand itself, I decided that I must get my hands on this!

Have a look at their creative and fun ad from Japan:

Another one that I mentioned featuring Rainie Yang:

According to the brand statement compared to regular foam cleanser, it claims to have 5 times more cleansing power and dense foam. It also highlights its content of silk essence and hyaluronic acid. Basically silk essense makes your skin smooth, while hyaluronic acid has anti-aging power. What the best? It cost only at RM 13.90 available at Watson & Guardian!

I know what you are thinking , sounds too good to be real and that how brands sell their products. That is where I come in, I’ve tested it on myself for about 1 month.

Below are the comparison of the commercial vs reality

Rich foam as seen on commercial
Foam in actual

The 1st time I tried it on, my skin does feel clean but and slightly dry. I’ve been testing Senka Perfect White Clay  for 2 weeks. I’ll start with the scent- it gives a chemical smell and I need to work real hard to lather up the foam. The results:  My skin feel real dry, itchy and skin near my lips started peeling off. Immediately after 2 weeks I stopped using this. But I gotta say, the Malaysia marketing team is spending a lot to promote this brand, it does creates hype because they were giving out Baby-G watches and searching for a brand ambassador among the consumers. Sorry but I would not try any of the product range due to my bad experience with Senka Perfect White Clay and given that the result is very disappointing. But given it is still one of the 2016 Top Foam Cleanser in Japan, just not for me.


2. kanebo evita beauty whip soap

Most might have heard of this Japan brand Kanebo, this time it launches its Kanebo Evita Beauty Whip Soap and it is a Hit! Once Kanebo Evita Beauty Whip Soap launches, immediately people in the U.S and U.K loved it and highly recognise it as 2016 Top Foam Cleanser in Japan. It started off with beauty field top influencer showing how amazing this product is. Huffington, the UK well known online news reported about it too. You can follow the link here to read here.

So, what is so special about this cleanser that people are going mad about it? Lets start with the outlook-very clean bottle with rose petals on it, well it is simple and nice. The key point that catches my attention was that it is a rose scented foam cleanser and it ACTUALLY dispenses ROSES♥  Like how good can it be? A rose scented foam cleanser that dispenses foam in a form of perfect ROSE. I believe every girls, ladies and women would love to have it. It is officially the prettiest face wash in the market, well at least for me. Ahhh all thanks and love to Japan for inventing the 1st ever pretty facial foam.

Evita Beauty Whip Soap is not just pretty on the outside, it is actually a anti-aging rose foam. The brand ambassador is Imai Miki, a japan singer and actor at the age of 53 but yet still her face doesn’t reveals so. This product is not available in Malaysia yet so I bought it from a trusted fiend’s friend that provide procurement service and so happens she was in Japan.

Have a look at its commercial ads:

I tested for a month, am still using this facial cleanser and it is amazing! Let me show you how it works:


Squeezing the rose foam does gives you a great pleasure but to make sure you’ll get your perfect rose petal, you have to follow few steps.

  1. Shake well (Around 6 times).
  2. Keep the can upright, pointing upwards.
  3. There’s two pink button, pressing it down dispense the foam.
  4. Slowly press until there’s about 3cm height of the rose foam, release your thumb from the button.
  5. Tadaa! A perfect rose foam to wash your face♥

I have to say this foam is really rich and dense, according to Kanebo this is to reduce rubbing of your face by directly in touch with your hand. You can barely feel your hand on your face and once I rinse it off, my face feels fresh and not dry at all. This is the No.1 in my list for 2016 Top Foam Cleanser !

Next up I will be sharing a video blog on Kanebo Evita Rose Whip Soap and the there will be a giveaway session! Good things must be shared, and I will giveaway 1 unit of Kanbo Evita Rose Whip Soap to a lucky reader. Stay tuned to my video!


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  1. I bought this to use during my last trip oversea and I quite like the cleanliness of it. Great product!

  2. I have always been eyeing on the Shiseido since the ambassador is one of my favourite Taiwan actress. But, to read your review on it. I think its made for the four season country type of skin ? :/
    Can’t wait for the giveaway anyway!

  3. woww.. the foam is really rich and dense.. i guest my routine wash my face will take long time coz i like to play with the foam.. hahaha

  4. I must be one of the few who have not tried that foam yet.. must go get mine too and not lose out on it

  5. Hui Ying Fong Reply

    i love the rose foam!!! Looks so nice and cute!!! Should try it out!

  6. Foam cleanser does feel very soft for our skin I love that kind of cleanser. But i haven’t try Japanese brand for my skincare.

  7. seems like very good foam, no wonder it’s best seller in Japan! would love to try it out.

  8. I would have to say that my ultimate foam cleanser is senka. Love how it makes my skin feels sqeeky clean

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